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Ohio’s Handmade Amish Baskets

Tucked away in the heart of Ohio, Holmes County houses the largest Amish population in the United States. Home to roughly 55,000 Amish residents, Holmes County is also a popular destination for consumers seeking quality products. Isolated from a rapidly changing technology-driven world, the Amish community lives a simple, yet, rugged lifestyle. The Amish take pride in their multitude of skill sets, including a variety of handcrafting techniques. One skill that is an important part of their traditional way of life is basket weaving. Essential to the Amish living, basket weaving is also a hot commodity to many American consumers.

Amish baskets are bought for both decorating and practical purposes. Their durability allows for a variety in functionality. Popular models include casserole baskets, Easter baskets, laundry baskets, picnic baskets, waste baskets, and wine carrier baskets.  Baskets for candy, fruit, tissue boxes, knitting tools, and umbrellas will add the perfect accent to any home centered in primitive décor.

Most of the aforementioned designs are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Small, medium, and large are the typical size variations. This is a good way for consumers to choose the style desired at an intended price.  Due to time-consuming nature of basket-making, Amish weavers use sturdy woods like cherry and oak as well as sea-grass and plywood to guarantee long-lasting potential.

Keeping the baskets in top-notch shape requires a little TLC from the owner. It’s advised that the baskets are tended to every six months. This includes dusting with a feather duster or vacuumed using the brush attachment. It also doesn’t hurt to add moisture by lightly misting it with water. Keeping the baskets away from heat registers will also ensure a longer life span.